Mythical Records - Experimental Contemporary Classical music

Shaped at the start of 2006, Mythical records recently holds an unmistakable place in the underground music scene. The mark was shaped by an assembly of 3 professionally schoooled music artists who met while employed for an music gig in New york city, at the prestigious Jiulliard school of music. Upon graduation from University, they started to notice striking contrasts between the way their parents artistic careers unfolded and the way promoters, and administrators gave to their craftsmen and the level of sanctuary given to specialists in the electro-acoustic music field in the modern world. While the established classical music industry is based in deep rooted relationships and craftsman, alot of the current industries moves towards "singles" based promotion. @e chose to start a record name of our own which might give trial electronic and established music authors the consideration, improvement, administration, and love which so penetrates the classical music world. This is simply the start of our story and we would like to welcome you into the fold. Our specialists are not trends, nor things. We strive to discharge material you will be enamored with for whatever remains of your existence, no simply without much fanfare. We make plans to arrangement a wellspring of persuasion and illumination, for all to tread upon. We would like to have you as our allie and our companion. Welcome. Experimental Music artists

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - "trapeze (feat. Hannah Fury)

I love it when two artists I love on their own decide to do something together. That is the case here, with The Synthetic Dream Foundation and Hannah Fury, producing this marvelously splendid experimental classical music entitled "trapeze". The video is quite beautiful and dreamlike, but its really the music that makes this such a strong piece of art. I love the piano and her voice.